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The Cofffe table mechanism.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards and come with a 2 year guarantee.

Coffee Table 01

- Coffee table top plate moves up through the system. At the same time, moves the forward top plate. This way the short coffee table, it rising high table position.
The minumum width dimension : 51 cm.

İnternal box height : 11 cm
Rise dimensions: 19 cm
Forward movement Dimension: 27 cm

User Location:

- Coffee Table.

Shock absorbers are sold externally.
We recommend that you use Hafele 150 Nw shock.
Product Code: 373.82.005 150 Nw HT Gas Lift.

Name Coffee Table 01
Description Set
Finish Elektro Galvaniz
weight of set / Set 2,60Kg /gr Set
Box 26 Kg / gr = 10 Set
Set Price, EURO Ask Price
Order Code : CT01


coffee table


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