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The Bed Mechanism.

يتم استخدامه لفتح الحالات السرير والقواعد عن طريق رفع حالة العلوي بمساعدة المثبط. النماذج المستخدمة في صدره تحت السرير.

Bed Mechanism - S25CE

- It is used to open bed cases and bases by means of lifting upper case with the help of damper. The models used for chest under the bed..

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- The models used for chest under the bed.

Meccanismi per Letti
Letto contenitore che, mediante sollevamento del piano dormita, rende disponibile un vano collocato sotto la rete, utile per riporre cuscini e coperte: tale movimento è consentito da una coppia di cinematismi di sollevamento dotati di pompe a gas.

Name Bed Mechanism S25CE
Description Set
Finish Elektro Static Paint Black
weight of set / Set 2,100 kg / gr
Box 22 kg / gr = 10 set
Set Price, EURO Ask Price
Order Code : S25CE
Fitting Assembly
Bed Mechanism

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