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Wall Bed Mechnism

Model: W02 - Wall Bed Mechanism

This product is made with all models in the bed system bed with wood MDF or chipboard material.

Beds pool depth: 16 cm

In the bed position, the foot should be used. .

General sales product color, '' GREY ''.

Our company is 20 cm or 30 cm chrome-plated '' L 'models feet are available. You can also buy.


Notify identify your order according to the following table. Do not random product purchase. Materials are being prepared to be sent according to your order..

90 190
100 200
110 200
120 190
130 190
140 190
150 200 x


Imitation label on our products and a 3D security against hackers. Each tag has a serial number. Customer and tag number is being passed in record sales during the warranty status can be monitored. .

Our products are guaranteed for 2 years. On the products (Warranty-Security) Whether or not the tag, please check.


In the product box, 1 set mechanism, 2 pieces Gas Lift and written documents (eg dimensions, materials that may be used hardware list, shock absorber assembly instructions, etc.) Are available..

Detailed drawings, just buys our customers, our products can be sent with the product..


Our products are available patents and inventions certificate. Our company has been certified in accordance with the characteristics of the sensitive products and the technical details. Copy and with legal sanctions against the imitation of similar products.


For more detailed information on our company you can send e-mail..

We wish to use our products in the happy days ..


Order Code : W02


Product Box

Safety - Warranty Label

Special Color Red
Product W02
Face Static Paint Gray
Set / Price Ask the Price
W02 Model Animation

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